HRSS Information

DPM implemented Human Resources Shared Services (HRSS) on July 8, 2018. ​HRSS includes all agencies in State government other than:

  • Department of Employee Trust Funds
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Military Affairs
  • Department of Public Instruction
  • Office of the State Public Defender
  • Wisconsin Technical College System

The HRSS structure and duties are split between enterprise services (policy, compliance, HR management, centralized functions, etc.) and agency services (direct HR service to all agencies and employees within the HRSS organization and communities of excellence). The agency services portion of DPM is organized into four regions, two of which are currently operational - Region 1 and Region 2. Regions 3 and 4 are under development with implementation planned by July of 2019. Click here to view a high level, organizational structure of DPM.

An essential and unique component of the Wisconsin HRSS model is the Shared Services Executive Committee (SSEC). The SSEC is formally created by Executive Order #272 "for the purpose of establishing a governance model to ensure the creation and operation of enterprise human resource services and payroll and benefits services models, strategies, cost management methodology, direction, and standards for shared services agencies."

The SSEC is comprised of cabinet agencies with the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, or Assistant Deputy Secretary of each agency attending. Agendas and minutes from all meetings will be posted to this page.