Enterprise Leadership Academies

Enterprise Management Development Academy (EMDA)

The goal of EMDA is to provide aspiring and new state supervisors/managers with enhanced learning opportunities to become effective, inclusive and innovative managers. The program offers a series of management classes that focus on developing knowledge, skills, and cross-agency networking. Participants collaboratively problem-solve common issues, and create lifetime working relationships.

We encourage employees to explore the links to learn more about the EMDA program. Each agency has an internal selection process. Please email completed application/nomination to the point of contact at your agency. All applications are due to BTD by 5:00 pm on Sept 7, 2021. 

EMDA flyer 2021 

EMDA FAQ 2021  

EMDA Selection Criteria

EMDA Application and Nomination Form 

EMDA Program Curriculum Cohort 5

EMDA Program Curriculum Cohort 6

EMDA Key Dates Cohort 5 

EMDA Key Dates Cohort 6

EMDA Policies and Guidelines 

EMDA Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy