Make a Benefit Change

New Hires

All benefit elections for new hires must be submitted within 30 days of hire.

New hires should make all benefit elections through eBenefits.  See the eBenefits New Hire Quick Guide for details.

If unable to use eBenefits, submit paper benefit applications to your agency payroll and benefits office.

Life Events

If you have a life event (ex. birth, marriage, divorce, job change, move....), you may have a chance to enroll in or change your benefits.  You typically have 30 days from the event date to make changes to your coverage and add or remove your dependents.

See the Life Changes and My Benefits Page on the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) website for information about what changes are available.

For information about changes that you can make to your Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, please contact your agency benefits staff. 

Submit all benefit applications associated with your life event to your agency payroll and benefits office within 30 days of the life event.

Open Enrollment

Every October there is an open enrollment period that allows employees to enroll in or make changes to their benefits.  Any changes made during this time are effective January 1.  You will receive enrollment information during the period.

Evidence of Insurability

If you do not enroll in benefits when initially eligible or during open enrollment, two plans allow you to apply for coverage through Evidence of Insurability: State Group Life Insurance and Income Continuation Insurance (ICI).  Contact your agency payroll and benefits office to help you through the application process - acceptance in not guaranteed.