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FEI Workforce Resilience

The employee assistance program (EAP) is a confidential, voluntary program to assist State of WI employees, and their families, experiencing personal and work-related issues. You can access a vast amount of information regarding FEI Workforce Resilience and their services on their website at A company password is required.  Email to receive the password. You may also contact FEI Workforce Resilience 24/7 by phone at 1-866-274-4723.

Comprehensive, confidential services are available to you and your family through FEI Workforce Resilience, including counseling, financial consultation, legal consultation and so much more. Counseling can be provided telephonically and/or face-to-face sessions, depending on your needs and may include:

  • Stress, depression, and personal problems
  • Balancing work and personal needs
  • Family and relationship concerns
  • Alcohol or drug dependency
  • Workplace conflicts

Other available services include financial consultation and resources from a consumer credit counselor to set up a budget, obtain and review credit report information, assist with debt management and consolidation and more. In addition, legal consultation with an attorney is available either over the phone or face-to-face for consumer law, traffic citations and fender benders, family law, estate planning and more.

Privacy: FEI Workforce Resilience is governed by state and federal laws requiring confidentiality of client records. "Confidential" means that information given to FEI Workforce Resilience may NOT be released to anyone without your permission in advance. Not even your spouse can call to get information without your permission.

​The statewide Employee Assistance Program operates under Executive Order #26, dated 2003, from the Office of the Governor of the State of Wisconsin.