Classification and Compensation

Agency Level Compensation and Classification

Most, if not all, of a supervisor or manager's compensation and classification contact is with either an agency Human Resources Generalist or an Agency Human Resources Director.  Some of the larger agencies have dedicated personnel who function as the agency compensation and classification expert. When required, the agency human resources personnel communicates situations or questions to the enterprise compensation and classification team.

Enterprise Level Compensation and Classification

The DPM team consists of Compensation and Classification Analysts who are available to assist agency Human Resources personnel in several related facets of compensation and classification.  The common areas include: non-delegated reclassification requests, classification survey requests, equity adjustments (Handbook Chapter 552), merit increases (Handbook Chapter 550), recruitment compensation adjustments, managing the overall compensation and classification plans for the State of Wisconsin.

The compensation and classification team are responsible for approving non-delegated transactions and approving other compensation plan related requests.

The classification and compensation team is responsible for representing the State of Wisconsin as the expert in this area for classification and compensation appeals.

The team performs consistent research for a variety of data market research related to both compensation and classification for the State of Wisconsin.  In addition, the data is used for bi-annual updating of the Compensation Plan. This data is used for a variety of products i.e. contract negotiations, pay schedule adjustments, market adjustments, recruitment and retention issues, etc.

The team consults with all state agency human resources in the interpretation and application of state statutes, administrative code provisions, policies and the history related to compensation and classification.

The team develops and conducts state wide training on compensation and classification subjects including Supervisor Training, Compensation and Classification Training.