Agency Level Employment Relations

Most, if not all, of a supervisor or manager's employment relations contact is with either an agency Human Resources Generalist or an Employment Relations Specialist.  A key exception is at one of Wisconsin's correctional institutions, facilities, or veterans homes who have on site Human Resource Directors who serve this function. 

Enterprise Level Employment Relations and EEO Complaint Investigations.

The DPM team consists of HR Program Officers who are available to assist agencies in several facets of Employment Relations and Complaint Intake. DPM staff provide consultation with all state agency human resources and employment relations representatives in the interpretation and application of state statutes, administrative code provisions, and policies related to employment relations.

Addressing employee related discipline issues is a common example of the agency and DPM staff responsibilities in employment relations.  Agency HR staff and supervisors often seek advice on how to address issues such as employee attendance, work performance, leave of absence abuse, misconduct, etc. Guidelines to follow when addressing disciplinary issues can be found in Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook Chapter 410

The Employment Relations team is also responsible for scheduling, hearing and responding to DOA employee Step 1 grievances. Information and guidelines related to employee grievances can be found here.

The DPM staff also serve as the Employer's representative for Step 2 grievance hearings as defined in the Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook Chapter 430.

An ER Program Officer is also assigned as the Employer's representative in the arbitration process for Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association (WLEA), as well as serving as the Employer's representative in contract negotiations with WLEA. The current WLEA collective bargaining agreement can be found here. The WLEA Grievace form can be found here: DOA-15806

In the area of training, our DPM ER staff assist in developing and conducting state wide training on employment relations subjects including New Supervisor HR, Advanced Employment Relations, Grievance Processing, and Misconduct Investigations. Staff are also called upon from time to time to lead confidential investigations.