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Proposed 2021-2023 State of Wisconsin Compensation Plan

The following materials were sumbitted by DPM to the Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER) on October 29, 2021.  These documents are proposed until acted upon by JCOER. In addition, bargaining greements must be approved by the full legislature and signed into law by the Governor.  The 2019-2021 Compensation Plan remains in effect until a new Compensation Plan is approved by JCOER. 

​​​​2021-2023 Information sent to JOCER:

JCOER Letter from Administrator Evanco​ ​        2020 - 2021 Proposed Trades Agreement

Attachment A (Summary of changes)              2021 - 2022 Proposed Trades Agreement​

Attachment B (Full proposed Comp Plan)  ​      

Attachment C (Costing Documents)​  ​      

2019-2021 State of W​isconsin Compensation Plan

The State of Wisconsin creates and maintains a compensation plan to coincide with each budget cycle.  This document is referred to as the State of Wisconsin Compensation Plan and it describes how pay is established, and maintained, for most functions across the enterprise.  The 2019-2021 Compensation Plan was approved by JCOER on December 18, 2019 along with the trades contracts negotiated by the State, the University of Wisconsin System, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  The Compensation Plan is presented below, by section, for ease of reference.  All changes to the document are noted by underlining and strikethrough notations.  Additional 2019-2021 materials provided to JCOER are also listed below. 

2019-21 Comp Plan (full document)

Intro Notes

Section A

General Compensation Provisions for Permanent & Project Employees in the Classified Service

Section B

​Compensation Provisions for Elected Officials, Appointed Executive Salary Group Employees, and Certain Other Unclassified Employees

Section C

​Compensation Provisions for Employees in Attorney Positions in the Classified Service and Certain "Non-ESG" Attorney Positions in the Unclassified Service

​Section D

​Compensation Provisions for Limited Term Employees

Section E

​Pay Administration for Classified Permanent and Project Employees in Non-Broadband Pay Schedules

Section F

​Uniform Travel Schedule Amounts

​Section G

​Miscellaneous Provisions

Section H

​Supplemental Health Insurance Conversion Credits for Certain Classified and Unclassified Employees

Section I

​Pay Administration for Broadband Pay Schedules

Section J

​Provisions for Administering Discretionary Merit Compensation (DMC)

Section K

​Absences and Continuous Service

Section L

​Market and Parity Provisions

Section Z

​Classified and Covered Unclassified Employee Pay Schedules for the 2019-21 Biennium