Bureau of Equity & Inclusion

The Bureau of Equity and Inclusion (BEI) is the central affirmative action office for Wisconsin state government. BEI responsibilities include:

  • Developing policies and procedures governing the state’s Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) program;

  • Recommending new or revised legislation in support of a viable state EEO/AA program;

  • Providing staff to the State Council on Affirmative Action (SCAA);

  • Establishing standards for agency EEO/AA plans;

  • Reviewing, approving and monitoring of state agency EEO/AA programs;

  • Providing technical assistance to agencies in developing innovative personnel programs to increase the effectiveness of the state’s EEO/AA program; and

  • Analyzing state workforce data for use in developing EEO/AA reports and recommendations.