Bureau of Equity & Inclusion

​The Bureau of Equity and Inclusion (BEI) leads the state's affirmative action and equal opportunity employment and inclusion programs. This includes developing standards, procedures and initiatives to promote and increase inclusive recruitment, hiring and retention practices across state government. The Bureau directs and acts to ensure compliance with Wisconsin Administrative Chapter ER 43 and Chapter 230. BEI provides guidance and participates in planning for Wisconsin ER Chapter 111 in partnership with DPM enterprise and develops operational performance guidelines and​ monitors compliance of Wisconsin HR Chapter 800. BEI responsibilities include:

  • Supporting agencies in the development and implementation of equitable and inclusive policies and procedures to ensure equity and inclusion in all workforce planning and improvement processes, plans and initiatives.
  • Guiding agencies development of clear and transparent Equity and Inclusion Plans that identify and prioritize goals, deliverables, accountability of performance, and feasible expectations.
  • Assisting agencies with identifying best practices, analyzing demographic and turnover trends, and working with agencies to anticipate and respond to staffing changes, priorities, and trends.
  • Educating agency staff on how to identify and address barriers impacting recruitment and retention efforts to advance equity and inclusion.
  • Providing professional development opportunities and resources that raise awareness and build knowledge and understanding to encourage and promote an inclusive culture.
  • Identifying, designing, and implementing methods for collaborative idea generation, relationship building, internal and external partnerships, and sharing of resources to collectively advance equity and inclusion goals.
  • Ensuring agencies have measurable performance metrics and reporting tools to ensure continuous improvement efforts and progress.
  • Assisting agencies in facilitating a workforce community of health and wellbeing by providing wellness engagement tools, resources, and technical support.
  • Administering State of Wisconsin Student Diversity Internship Program.
  • Staffing the Governor's Advisory Equity and Inclusion Council and the State Affirmative Action Council​.