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​Recruiting Solutions Implementation

​​​​​See the Recruiting Solutions Implementation page​ for information about the upcoming TAM/Candidate Gateway implementation.​

Fluid Transition Resources

The HCM User Guide is intended for State of Wisconsin Human Resources (HR) staff using STAR HCM. It is a process guide. In general, the HCM User guide will list step-by-step instructions to complete a task in STAR HCM.


The STAR Job Aids are being phased out and incorporated into this handbook.

  • Once a Job Aid is made obsolete, a redirect link will be made from the old Job Aid to the new section of this guide.  
  • If the Job Aid has not been incorporated yet, a redirect link will be made from this guide to the Job Aid.
  • See the Job Aids at STAR HR, Payroll, and Benefits Job Aids

The HCM User Guide is a compilation of HCM job aids, resources, and DPM policy or procedure.

HCM User Guide (PDF v.17.01)

HCM User Guide (v.17.01 information)