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2022 ICI Annual Update and Deferred Enrollment

ICI Annual Update and Deferred Enrollment Training: January 13th from 1:00 - 2:30pm via Teams Live Event.  Contact Meghan McKenna if you need link.

2022 ICI Annual Update and Deferred Enrollment Training PPT

2022 ICI Annual Update Job Aid

2022 ICI Deferred Enrollment Job Aid​​

2022 ICI Premiums (2022 ICI Premium Calculator)

2022 ICI Deferred Enrollment eBenefits Employee Quick Guide

2022 ICI Deferred Enrollment Template Email and Supplemental Enrollment Template​ Email

2022 DEF Event in Notified Status Email Template



2022 Quick Event Guide​​​

2023 Benefit Option Code Cheat Sheet 

​​2022 ICI Premium Calculator​ (50% premium decrease from 2021)​

2021 (and 2020) ICI Premium Calculator​ (no premium increase for 2021)

2023 WRS Cont​ribution Rate Memo 

2022 WRS Reporting Template by Month

2022 New Employee Orientation Template PowerPoint​​

ICI ABBR Update Rules (posted 1-15-19)

Benefit Forms and Brochures Page

2021 COBRA Premium Subsidy

COBRA Subsidy Retro Notification Job Aid (updated 5/20/21)

COBRA Subsidy Notice (Retroactive Notification)

COBRA Subsidy Newly Termed Notification Job Aid (updated 5/20/21)

COBRA Subsidy Notice (newly termed)​

Request for Treatment as an Assistance Eligible​ Individual (ET-​2314)​

Employer COBRA Subsidy Receipt of Applications Process and Follow-Up Job Aid

​Notice of Premium Assistance Expiration

Employer COBRA Subsidy Receipt of Health/Supplemental Invoices and the Finance Process​ (for benefits & finance staff)​

​ETF Employer News: ​​American Rescue Plan Act of 2021​​ - COBRA Subsidy​​

COVID-19 Resources​

​​See the COVID-19 Administrator Resources Page

Open Enrollment Resources

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Training Presentations

WRS Basics Training (PPT) - provided 1-3-2019

2019 WRS Annual Reconciliation Training PPT

2022 Benefits Administration Training 

Part One: Email Inbox and JIRA Tickets

Part Two: Agency v. Central Benefits Responsibilities

Part Three: How Eligibility is Determined in the System

Part Four: Multiple Jobs and Benefit Records​

Part Five: WRS Eligibility, Lookback, Reporting and Rehired Annuitants

Old Version: Benefits Administration All Day Training (PPT) - updated 8-7-19 (change log)

WRS Reporting Webinar (recorded 6-20-18)

Health Insurance Reconciliation Webinar (PPT and recording)

Historical Presentations