ESS Payroll Reference Information

State of Wisconsin agencies use Employee Self-Service (ESS) to administer employees' payroll and paid leave benefits.  The image below depicts the ESS payroll functionality along with descriptions of each referenced item.

Employees who need assistance navigating the ESS page, or have additional questions regarding information on this page, should contact their agency's Payroll Specialists.    

1. Timesheet

  • Click on Timesheet to enter your reported time for each day/week.

2. Absence Request

  • Click on Absence Request to enter your leave usage. 
  • Absences should be recorded in full day or in partial days.

3. Absence Balances

  • This area displays leave balances, by leave type, as of the last processed payroll period.

4. View Paycheck

  • Click on View Paycheck to view earnings statement for the most recent and past paychecks.

5. Paycheck Modeler

  • Click on Paycheck Modeler to create a hypothetical check.

6. Direct Deposit

  • Click on Direct Deposit to review, add, or update direct deposit information.

7. W-4 Tax Information

  • Click on W-4 Tax Information to enter, review, or change W-4 information.

8. View W-2/W-2c Forms

  • Click on View W-2/W-2c Forms to view W-2s and to control whether an electronic or paper W2 is received.

9. Election Entry

  • This section of the ESS homepage will show current events including announcements, the benefits elections process which occurs in the fall of each year, the annual sabbatical election process which occurs in November of each year, and other related information.  The company directory features are not yet fully activated.