Human Resources Forms


Alternative Work Patterns Acknowledgement Forms ​(DOA-15901)​
Application for Catastrophic Leave (DOA-15304)
Applicant Eligibility Verification (DOA-15305)
Application for State Employment (form only- 2 pages) (DOA-15505)
Application for State Employment Instructions-only DOA 15505I).pdf
Assessment Panel Member Travel Expense Sheet (DOA-15515)
Background Check Approval/Exception Request (DOA-15507)
Certification Request Report (DOA-15313).pdf
Certification Statement (DOA-15508).pdf
Conf Exclusion Analysis (DOA-15318).pdf
Confidentiality Agreement-For Employees With Access To Background Check Info (DOA-15502).pdf
Disabled Expanded Certification (DOA - 15521).pdf
DMC-DERA Justification (DOA-15330).pdf
DMC-DERA Excel Report Form (DOA-15331)
Donor Authorization for Catastrophic Leave (DOA-15306)
Employee Information (DOA-15532)
Employee Investigation Reports (DOA-15807-A-H)
EIR-First Report of Potential Work Rule Violation (DOA-15807-A)
EIR-Investigation Chronological Order (DOA-15807-B)
EIR-Investigatory Interview (DOA-15807-C)
EIR-Summary of Investigation Findings (DOA-15807-D)
EIR-Pre-Disciplinary Meeting (DOA-15807-E)
EIR-Final Conclusion (DOA-15807-F)
EIR-Investigations Involving Criminal Matters (DOA-15807-G)
EIR-Evidence Log (DOA-15807-H)
Employee Notification Receipt Reclass Realloc (DOA - 15311).pdf
Employer Grievance Decision (DOA-15803)
Enterprise Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) Request (DOA-15352)
Exam Proctor Application (DOA-15523).pdf
Exam Score Analysis (DOA-15514).pdf
ESG Eval Information (DOA-15301).pdf
FCRA Authorization - Consent to Procurement of Consumer Credit Report (DOA-15537).docx
 FCRA Authorization to Obtain a Consumer Credit Report and Release of Information for Employment Purposes (DOA-15538)
Fitness for Duty Certification - Return to Work Release (DOA-15536).docx
FMLA-Designation Notice (DOA-15324).docx
FMLA-Employee Request (DOA-15322).docx
FMLA-Notice of Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities (DOA - 15325).docx
 FMLA Medical Certification - Use federal DOL form WH-380-E (employee) or WH-380-F (family)