Human Resources Forms


FCRA Authorization - Consent to Procurement of Consumer Credit Report (DOA-15537).docx
 FCRA Authorization to Obtain a Consumer Credit Report and Release of Information for Employment Purposes (DOA-15538).docx)
Fitness for Duty Certification - Return to Work Release (DOA-15536).docx
FMLA-Designation Notice (DOA-15324).docx
FMLA-Employee Request (DOA-15322).docx
FMLA-Notice of Eligibility, Rights and Responsibilities (DOA - 15325).docx
 FMLA Medical Certification - Use federal DOL form WH-380-E (employee) or WH-380-F (family)

HAM/TAM Hire Information (DOA-15300)
HAM TAM Request Authorization (DOA - 15333).pdf
Job Expert Certificate (DOA-15511)
Leave Without Pay Request Authorization (DOA - 15308).pdf
LTE Acknowledgment (DOA15519).pdf
Limited Term Employment (LTE) Request/Report (DOA-15530)
Management Exclusion Analysis Form (DOA-15317)
Moving Expense Reimbursement Report (DOA-15307)
Nomination Form - Virginia Hart Awards 

Nonrepresented Employee Claim for Reimbursement for Damaged Personal Articles (DOA-15303)

Outside Employment Request (DOA-15503)
Personnel Transfer Record (DOA-15504)
 Position Description (DOA-15302).pdf
Reallocation Notice Request (DOA-15321).pdf
Reclassification Request(DOA15314).pdf
WI Civil Service Exam Accommodation (DOA-15510).pdf
Request For LOA With Pay Due To Injury(DOA-15309).pdf
Request to Use Related Register (DOA-15516)

Selection Assessment Strategy (DOA-15536)

Special Exam Certificate (DOA-15509)

Suggestion Evaluation/Summary (DOA-15801)

Suggestion Form (DOA-15800)

Supervisor Exclusion Analysis (DOA-15316)
Temporary Interchange of Employees (DOA-15327).doc
Veteran New Hire Information (DOA-15100).pdf
Veteran Status Form (DOA-15529)
WLEA Employee Grievance Report (DOA-15806).pdf
WLEA Employer Grievance Response (DOA-15804)