Outside Training and Education

Employees are encouraged to develop their job, career, and personal skills through state-provided and outside training and education.

​Agencies determine whether to approve time and/or reimbursement for outside training or education as permitted by policy.

Since agency policies, practices, and procedures for approving and reimbursing training and education vary, please check with your supervisor or HR department to determine how to submit your request.

Following are additional policy details for each of the three categories of outside training and education:

  • Job-Related Training/Education is necessary to acquire, improve, or update knowledge or skills required to successfully perform your assigned duties. If your supervisor requires you to attend training/education for this purpose:
    • Attendance will be without loss of pay; you are not required to use leave time to participate in training/education of this type.
    • Costs associated with registration fees, course materials, and travel are covered by your agency.
  • Career Development Training/Coursework is necessary to progress through a classification series related to your current position or for advancement to another position within a career path.
    • The agency has sole discretion regarding pay status while attending training/coursework during normal work hours. You may not be in pay status if this training/coursework is outside of normal work hours.
    • The agency has sole discretion regarding costs to be reimbursed, which will only occur after successful completion of the training or coursework.
    • You must have an approved career development plan in place before beginning any training or coursework. Please check with your supervisor for specific agency requirements for the plan. You are encouraged to work with your supervisor to document the approved plan in the Training/Development section of ePerformance.
  • Personal Development Training​​​ includes topics to gain knowledge, skills, or experiences not directly related to job requirements or recognized by the agency as career-related.
    • Time off may be granted and will be without pay, taken as authorized accrued leave, or accommodated with an alternative work pattern with supervisor approval.
    • The agency is prohibited from reimbursing employees for costs associated with this type of training.

For DOA employees: Training or education requiring paid time off and/or payment/reimbursement by the department requires approval from your Division prior to registration. Employees should complete form DOA-5171 and submit to their supervisor with documentation as needed. If the supervisor approves, they will forward it to Division leadership for signature.