Bureau of Merit Recruitment & Selection

The Bureau of Merit, Recruitment and Selection (BMRS) is responsible for recruitment and selection rules, policies and procedures for appointments made in the classified service. This includes the following transactions: new original hires, transfer, promotion, demotion, reinstatement, restoration, and layoff. Additionally, BMRS is the authority for matters relating to probation, temporary workforce appointments (limited term, projects, and acting assignments), and the Code of Ethics for classified service. 

BMRS responsibilities include:

  • Developing and managing special employment programs and reporting related to expanded certification (veteran, minority, women, disabled), Veterans Non-Competitive Appointment (VNCA), W2.

  • ​​HR data analytics & reporting including managing workforce metrics and analytics, collecting, reporting, and analyzing enterprise data; serve as back up in writing/running queries, exit Interviews, and workforce demographics.

  • Reviewing and approving non-delegated actions, such as involuntary transfers and demotions, career executive reassignments, lengthened/extended probation, and layoff.

  • Assisting agencies with interpretation of statutes and rules.

  • Providing technical advice on assessment tools, statistical analysis, and special projects.

  • Reviewing and conducting staffing activities for non-delegated agencies and job classifications/titles.​

  • Providing enterprise recruiting services to grow the Wisc.Jobs employment brand; promote agency opportunities via social media and provide consultation and analysis of marketing efforts.

  • Managing Wisconsin Personnel Partners that offers non-state government entities job posting and promotion services via wisc.jobs and Veteran Services Officer exam services.​

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​​Policy, Data and Analysis Team​

​Enterprise Recruiting & Wisc.Jobs Support Team

  • Olga Bilinson

  • Andrew Geissler

  • Lindsay Johnson

  • George Petrilli

  • ​Ophelia Harvey​

  • Eva Lee

  • Molly Pursian