Recruiting Solutions Implementation

​Welcome to the Recruiting Solutions Informational Page!  This page houses resources and information about the project to implement Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM), Candidate Gateway and Request to Staff (RTS).

Training Resources

​Job Opening 101 Training (PPT and Recording)

Job Opening 102 Training (PPT and Recording)

Job Opening 103 Training (PPT​ and Recording)​​

Understanding the Applicant Experience (PPT and Recording)​​

Register and Certification Training 101 (PPT and Recording​)

Register and Certification Training 102 (PPT and Recording​)

Post-Certification to Hire Training (PPT​ and Recording​)

​Job Aids

​​Transition to TAM Job Aid

Job Opening Checklist​ (for recruiter) 

Job Openings and Posting Job Aid (includes information on Job Opening approvals)​ - updated 5/6/22

Job Posting Guidelines Job Aid - updated 7/20​/22

​Review and Approve a Job Opening (for job opening appovers) 

Screening Questions Job Aid

Screening Levels Job Aid

Add an Applicant to a Job Opening - posted 5/13/22

How to Withdraw an Application 

Forwarding Applicants​ (how to send application materials to interview panels or other interested parties)

Running a Manual Screening Job Aid- posted 12/7/21

  • Includes information previously in "Updating and Entering an Open Ended Question Score on a Rater's Behalf" job aid​ (this job aid has been removed)

  • Includes how to update an applicant's answers to single and multiple-choice questions​

Running a Resume Screen Job Aid - updated 6/21/22

Score Analysis​

Creating a Register Job Aid - updated 8/19​/22​

Certifications Job Aid - updated 9/9​​​/22​

Un-reject Applicant Job Aid - posted 6/10/22​

Job Reannouncements & Extending Posting Deadline Job Aid - updated 10/5​/22​

Post Certification to Hire

TAM Queries Job Aid ​(explanation of several queries you can use for TAM-related activities) and HRS Table List​​​ 

Applicant Point of View