Dental and Vision Insurance

​VSP Vision

VSP Vision provides partial coverage for an eye exam (also a covered benefit under State health insurance), glasses and contacts.  The plan also offers savings on such services as prescription sunglasses, retinal screenings and laser vision correction.

The KidsCare Program offers additional benefits for children such as multiple vision exams and impact resistant lenses.

See the VSP Summary of B​enefits for additional information.

NOTE: You will NOT receive an ID card upon enrollment.  Provide your Employee ID Number (located on your timesheet and paycheck) to your eyecare provider when you receive services.


Delta Dental Supplemental Dental Plans

The Delta Dental PPO Plan is a true supplemental dental plan - it wraps around the preventive dental benefits provide by Uniform Dental coverage that is available through State health insurance.

Employees can enroll in 1 of the 2 plans available:

  • Select Plan
  • Select Plus Plan

See the Plan Comparison Chart​ to see which option may be right for you.

Delta Dental Preventive Dental Plan

​The Delta Dental Preventive Plan provides the same benefits as the Uniform Dental Benefits available under the State Group Health Insurance plan.  The Preventive Dental Plan is only available to employees who are NOT covered by State Group Health Insurance as either an employee or dependent.  

See the Delta Dental website​ for plan and premium information.​