State Group Life Insurance

State Group Life Insurance Summary

​State Group Life Insurance offers term life insurance for you, your spouse, and eligible children in the event of death.

Employee Coverage

  • Can select 1 to 5 units of coverage (Basic, Supplemental and 1 - 3 levels of Additional)

  • Each unit of coverage is based on your highest annual salary (based on projected salary at hire)

    • Coverage level will automatically increase if your salary increases and is adjusted annually

  • If death accidental, the death benefit will double

  • Living benefits available if terminally ill and life expectancy is 12 months or less

  • Premiums are based on age, calendar year earnings and coverage level

Spouse & Dependent Coverage

Spouse and Dependent coverage provides life insurance coverage for your covered spouse and all eligible children. 

  • Select 1 or 2 units of coverage

    • 1 unit = $10,000 spouse coverage/$5,000 child coverage ($2.50/month)

    • 2 units = $20,000 spouse coverage/$10,000 child coverage ($5.00/month)

  • Covers all eligible dependents


  • At hire - must enroll within first 30 days of hire

  • Upon gaining a new dependent - can enroll or increase coverage within 30 days of gaining a dependent (ex. spouse, child...)

  • Evidence of Insurability - can apply for coverage at any time through Evidence of Insurability (acceptance not guaranteed)

For more details on eligibility, enrollment and coverage, please review the State Group Life Insurance Brochure.