Recruitment Outline

​​Hiring manager responsibilities in the recruitment process:

As a hiring manager you may participate in all or some of the following steps.  Check with your HR contact for more information on the agency process which may vary depending on the type of position being filled.  

A. Preparation to Fill a Vacancy

  • Prepare Request To Staff (RTS) to get authorization to fill the position
  • Update the position description (PD)

B.  Recruitment – First 30 Days

  • Determine recruitment strategy (Internal Transfer, Open, and/or Non-Competitive)
  • Review the PD and suggest required/preferred job criteria to the HR Specialist
  • Determine passing point and appropriate benchmarks for the initial assessment with HR​
  • Establish/identify subject matter experts (SMEs) for evaluation panels (rating and interview)
  • Determine appropriate number of candidates to interview, to fill the number of vacancies (establish certification rule: 5, 10 or more, all qualified)
  • Create interview questions and benchmarks

C.  Before Obtaining a Candidate List (Cert List)

  • Schedule interview date and time with panel members
  • Notify HR Specialist of interview dates
  • Receive certification list from HR

D.  Final 30 Days

  • Schedule interviews with candidates
  • Before interview, review and sign interviewer guidelines with panel members
  • Conduct Interviews
    • Ask applicants to complete background check form (sealed or sent directly to HR)
    • Inform applicant of next steps
    • Collect copy of interview questions/notes after interview
  • Discuss and evaluate applicants
  • Conduct reference checks (manual or via SkillSurvey)
  • Request HR conduct personnel file (P-file) check for current state employees 
  • Provide HR with appropriate documentation such as:
    • Sealed background check form
    • Written hiring reason, including justification for hire
    • Requested rate of pay
  • Extend verbal offer to candidate
  • Notify HR Specialist if offer is accepted or declined

E.  Close Out

  • Return interview notes and paperwork to HR
  • Return signed interview guidelines form to HR
  • Provide HR with Reports of Action of each candidate on the cert list
  • Request IAM, computer, phone, etc. from IT