State of Wisconsin Special Hiring Programs

State of Wisconsin Student Diversity Internship Program: The State of Wisconsin Student Diversity Internship Program is one of many internship programs offered by the Wisconsin State Government. The Division of Personnel Management, Bureau of Merit Recruitment and Selection administers the SWSDIP and provides racial/ethnic minority students, female students, students with disabilities, and veteran students an opportunity to work in a professional work environment within Wisconsin State Government. The SWSDIP provides students with valuable work experience and training in various branches of state government and is a paid internship.

Non-Competitive Appointment of Certain Disabled Veterans: An agency appointing authority may appoint an eligible veteran to a classified position without opening the position to competition. To be eligible the veteran must have served in the armed forces, must have a service-connected disability of 30% of more, and cannot be currently employed in a permanent position with the state of Wisconsin or have restoration rights to a permanent position.    

Veterans who meet eligibility standards must provide documentation including a DD214 and documentation from an appropriate department of the federal government certifying the existence and extent of the service-connected disability. The certification must have been issued within a year preceding the date of appointment. A veteran eligible for non-competitive appointment must be qualified for the position they are appointed to.

Severely Disabled: The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, in the Department of Workforce Development, provides employment services and counseling to individuals with disabilities who want to work, but who experience barriers because of a physical, sensory, and/or mental disability. The DVR Internship Program is a strategy to introduce many DVR customers into the workforce, including within state agencies. Following an internship, an agency may request to appoint a certified DVR customer on a permanent basis without opening the position for competition.  

Economically Disadvantaged: The Department of Children and Families administers W-2 for the State of Wisconsin. DCF certifies W-2 eligible applicants which allows the state to administer special hiring rules and processes including limiting certification of applicants for employment consideration to W-2 participants. 

Contact the Bureau of Merit Recruitment and Selection for more information.