Classification Specification I-M


The following list is not all-inclusive.  Some specifications are not available electronically.  Those can be obtained by contacting the Division of Personnel Management at DPM CLASS INFO.  Please include your mailing address and/or fax number. 

Income Maintenance Specialist Classification Series (54200) 

Industries Program Specialist Classification Series (07850)

Information Systems Business Automation Classification Series (13661)

Information Systems Comprehensive Services Classifications (13160)

Information Systems Comprehensive Support Technician Classification Series (13601)

Information Systems Confidential/Management Classifications (13310)

Information Systems Data Services Classifications (13301)

Information Systems Enterprise Business Analyst ​(13761) 

Information Systems Enterprise Data Services Classifications (14063) 

Information Systems Enterprise Network Services Classifications (14073)

Information Systems Enterprise Strategic Planning Services Classifications (14361)

Information Systems Enterprise Systems Development Services Classifications (14263)

Information Systems Enterprise Technical Services Classifications (14273)

Information Systems Enterprise-Confidential Classifications (14110)

Information Systems Network Services Classifications (13361)

Information Systems Network Support Technician Classification Series  (13701)

Information Systems Operations Support Technician Classification Series (13801)

Information Systems Professional Consultant LTE (94000)

Information Systems Professional In-Training/IS Professional In-Training Confidential Classification Series (13561)

Information Systems Resources Support Technician Classification Series (13901)

Information Systems Supervisor 1, 2 Classification Series (13521)

Information Systems Support Technician-Confidential Classification Series  (13202)

Information Systems Systems Development Services Classifications (13371)

Information Systems Technical Services Classifications (13461) 

Information Technology Management Consultant (13700)

Information Technology Manager (13150)

Initial Assessment Program Manager (52990)

Initial Assessment Specialist Classification Series (52961)

Initial Assessment Supervisor (52980)

Inmate Appeal Examiner (51060)

Institution Complaint Examiner (08700)

Institution Environmental Services Supervisor (04680)

Institution Human Resources Director Classification Series (11010)

Institution Management Services Director (06440)

Institution Registrar (16700)

Institution Social Services Director (50840)

Institution Superintendent (50090)

Institution Treatment Director (50050)

Institution Treatment Director-Chapter 980 (52350)

Institution Unit Supervisor (49780)

Insurance Administrator (02350)

Insurance Examiner Classification Series (02301)

Insurance Examiner Chief (02340)

Insurance Financial Examiner Chief (02390)

Insurance Financial Examiner Classification Series (02300)

Insurance Program Manager (02520)

Insurance Program Specialist Classification Series (02501)

Insurance Supervisor (02580)    

Inventory Control Assistant (20500)

Inventory Control Coordinator Classification Series (20501)

Inventory Control Supervisor (20520)

Justice Program Associate (23471)

Justice Program Chief (06930)

Justice Program Supervisor (06980)

Justice Supervisor (06920)

Juvenile Education Director (59180)

Juvenile Review and Release Specialist (51710)

Juvenile Review Supervisor (51720)

Labor Compliance Specialist Classification Series (73601)

Laboratory Helper (91030)  

Laboratory Technician Classification Series (34101)

Laborer (91300)

Landscape Architect Classification Series (26171)

Laundry Services Supervisor (86460)

Laundry Worker Classification Series (86501)

Law Enforcement Dispatcher (81600)

Law Enforcement Dispatcher Supervisor (81620)

Legal Associate (18301)

Legal Associate Supervisor (18320) 

Legal Secretary (18401)

Legal Secretary Supervisor (18420)

Legal Support Staff-Confidential (19210)

Legislative Liaison (13000)

LeMay Forestry Center Superintendent (29820)

Librarian (57800)

Librarian Supervisor (57720)

Library Consultant (57860)

Library Services Assistant (57761)

Library Services Supervisor (57620)

License/Permit Program Associate (23690)

Licensed Practical Nurse (38500)

Licensing Education and Examination Program Manager (08890)

Licensing Examination Specialist (08801)

Licensing/Certification Specialist (53360)

Lifeguard (94560)

Loan Analyst (50160)

Locksmith Classification Series (91301)

Long-Term Care Services Supervisor (50920)

Lottery Services Specialist Classification Series (07011)

Lottery Supervisor (02020)

Management Information Chief (13530)

Management Information Manager (13550)

Marketing Specialist Classification Series (06301)

Marketing Supervisor (06320)

Material Reprocessing Assistant Classification Series (20471)

Materials Management Director (06600)

Meat Safety Inspector (70401)

Meat Safety Supervisor (70420)

Mechanical Engineer (Multi-Classification Specification for Architects/Engineers in Departments Responsible for Buildings) (29861)

Mechanical Engineer--Code Development (for Architects/Engineers in the Division of Safety) (29861)

Mechanician (83481)

Media Program Supervisor (81230)

Media Supervisor-Advanced (81280)

Media Telecommunications Technician Classification Series (81201)

Medical Assistant Classification Series (35661)

Medical Claims Specialist Classification Series (00151)

Medical Consultant LTE (94600)

Medical Laboratory Technician (34801)

Medical Program Assistant Classification Series (23001)

Medical Records Librarian (57600)

Medical Technologist Classification Series (41161)

Medical Technologist Supervisor (41120)

Medical Transcriptionist Classification Series (38401)

Medigap Insurance Specialist (51970)

Member Finance Specialist Classification Series (49551)

Metrologist (70330)

Microbiologist Classification Series (41061)

Microbiologist Supervisor (41020)

Microfilm Shop Supervisor (62110)

Microfilm Technician Classification Series (62101)

Military Affairs Program Supervisor (05120)

Military Affairs Security Officer Classification Series (65501)

Military Affairs Security Officer Supervisor (65520)

Military Funeral Honors Program Coordinator (50200)

Military Funeral Honors Team Member (65800)

Mining Safety Inspector 1, 2 and 3 Classification Series (73101)

Motor Carrier Investigator Classification Series (74901)

Motor Vehicle Operator-Heavy (80402)

Motor Vehicle Operator-Light (80401)

Motor Vehicle Program Specialist Classification Series (75261)