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​​Equity and Inclusion Professionals

The Equity and Inclusion Officer (EIO), formerly referred to as the Affirmative Action Officer, or the EIO approved designee is crucial in implementing and ensuring the success of all Equity and Inclusion programs, policies and procedures. The roles and responsibilities of EI Officers are derived from Wisconsin Statue Chapter 230, Wisconsin Administrative Code ER-43, and rules and guidelines established by the Division of Personnel Management, Bureau of Equity and Inclusion.


Equity and Inclusion Professional Executive Committee

The mission of the Executive Committee is to provide leadership to the State of Wisconsin EI Professionals.  The Executive Committee will advocate for the adoption of polices, management practices and programs that encourage and support he active recruitment of women, minorities, veterans and persons with disabilities.


Human Resources and Equity and Inclusion Professionals in Wisconsin State Government

Equity and Inclusion Training through BEI

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Training is a customized one-hour equal employment opportunity and affirmative action training program provided by the Department of Administration, Division of Personnel Management, Bureau of Equity and Inclusion (BEI).

Available trainings:

Essentials of an Effective Affirmative Action Advisory Committee: The Essentials of an Effective Affirmative Action Advisory Committee course is designed to address three areas: planning, structure and parameters of equal opportunity and affirmative action. Among the topics discussed in this training are bylaws, roles and responsibilities, goals, work plan statutes, policies and procedures, underutilization, and statewide programs.

Reasonable Accommodations: The Reasonable Accommodations course is designed to provide an overview of the basic laws, structure, philosophy, and planning elements that are essential to reasonable accommodation. This EEO course will cover the Federal and State definition of disability, the meaning of reasonable accommodation, the typical process for requesting accommodations and the rights and responsibilities of the person with disabilities and the supervisor.  In addition, attendees will work through a practical exercise.

Harassment is...: Most people recognize that harassment occurs when someone openly bullies, threatens or even terrorizes another person. However, harassment isn’t always that obvious. This course will help attendees discover what harassment is and what to do if you or someone you work with is harassed.

Additional Resources

These are links to outside resources that may provide additional information, education material or training opportunities in equity and inclusion related areas.

​To request a training at your agency or for more information on training resources, please contact BEI by email at ​or call (608) 266-5709.​