Respectful Workplace

​Respectful Workplace​​​​​​​

The State of Wisconsin is committed to promoting a respectful workplace and does not tolerate conduct or behavior that is bullying, discriminatory, harassing, or retaliatory in nature, regardless of whether the behavior is linked to a protected class or status. It is the State of Wisconsin's policy to encourage early discussion and resolution of developing issues to foster a positive, respectful workplace.

Complaint Process 

Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook Chapter 440 outlines the procedure to ensure employees of the State of Wisconsin are provided guidance regarding how to raise concerns when unwelcome behavior occurs in the workplace. The procedure outlined in the chapter is designed to encourage resolution of complaints, to address inappropriate behavior, and to promote a respectful work environment. It is essential that all employees feel comfortable bringing information forward. All information will be handled with sensitivity and appropriate levels of confidentiality.

Managers and supervisors have a significant role in maintaining workplaces free from bullying, discriminatory, harassing and/or retaliatory behaviors. They are responsible for intervening, reporting, and documenting any violations of the respectful workplace policy. They work in conjunction with equity and inclusion specialists as outlined in the policy.

For more information regarding the complaint process please see WHRS Chapter 440: Respectful Workplace Policy and Complaint Procedure.

Enterprise Mediation Service

The Bureau of Equity and Inclusion offers mediation as a service for any employee experiencing a workplace conflict. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process available to resolve workplace disputes between state employees. A trained mediator will assist with communication and problem-solving in a neutral environment to guide parties toward a mutual resolution. The mediation participants have the opportunity to explain their perspective and determine the outcome and next steps. Mediation is a beneficial process for preserving working relationships as part of a respectful workplace. 

Managers and supervisors should make employees aware of this opportunity. BEI is available to assist by providing information and promotional materials regarding this service.

​Promotional flyers:

Mediation Flyer Version One

Mediation Flyer Version Two 

​For information or questions about mediation, please contact BEI at:

Mediation Request Form​

Please use the Mediation Request form​ to request enterprise mediation services.