Recruitment & Selection

The State of Wisconsin proudly maintains a system of personnel management which is designed, by statute, to fill positions in the classified service according to two valued principles: Merit and Competition. 

Wisconsin boasts a long history of applying merit principles in personnel selection, ensuring those who are chosen to serve the citizenry are qualified to do so.  These principles are present throughout selection processes and include various methods for identifying and measuring candidates job related qualifications.

Competition for positions in the classified service begins with the basic goal of ensuring, with limited exception, that employment opportunities are open to all who desire to serve.  The requirements for a fair competition include administration of a process that is free, accessible, standardized, and where each competitor knows the results of their efforts.

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Merit Principle - s. 230.01(2):

"It is the policy of the state and the responsibility of the director and the administrator to maintain a system of personnel management which fills positions in the classified service through methods which apply the merit principle, with adequate civil service safeguards.”