Applicant Resources

​Whether you are thinking about applying to Wisconsin State Government positions for the first time, looking for promotional opportunities, or preparing for an interview, here are a few resources that can make all the difference.

Merit Recruitment Process

Wisconsin State Government uses a merit system for filling positions that encourages fair competitions for jobs. Here is what you can expect when you apply for a job with Wisconsin State Government:

  • Apply – visit Wisc.Jobs to explore current opportunities.

  • Assessment – the assessment is based on the qualifications listed in the job announcement. Assessment results determine who moves forward in the hiring process.

  • Register – candidates that meet minimum qualifications will be placed on a list called the register. You will be notified when you are placed on the register.

  • Certification – the list of the most qualified candidates that are selected to move forward in the process.

  • Interview(s) – after certification, candidates will be invited to participate in an additional assessment, phone screen, or formal interview.

Resume and Letter of Qualification Tips

Wisconsin State Government requires a resume submitted with your job application. A resume summarizes your job experience, work accomplishments, and educational background. Also, a letter of qualifications may be requested. The letter of qualification is meant to introduce yourself as a candidate, provide details of your education and work experience in relation to the job you are applying for, and explain why you would be a good fit for the job. Together a resume and letter of qualification should provide a complete detail of your qualifications as a candidate.

Visit Wisc.Jobs page: ​​​Tips for Writing Your Resume and Letter of Qualifications​​ for more details.​​

Interview Preparation

Wisconsin State Government supports the use of balanced panels to ensure equal employment opportunity. Our structured interviews can be used to assess specific knowledge and problem solving, analytical skills and how you communicate your ideas. In some cases, you may be given a copy of the questions and some time allotted to prepare your answer.

The interview panel will usually consist of three people who are familiar with the position. Each applicant will be asked the same questions, in the same order and will be assessed against the same criteria.

Strategies for an Interview:

  • Listen carefully to each question and ask to have it repeated if you do not understand what is being asked.

  • Organize your thoughts before answering. If you have had an opportunity to review the questions prior to the exam, outline your answer to ensure it is organized.

  • Speak in an easily understood manner.

  • Maintain good eye contact with the panel members.

  • Stop talking after the question has been answered.

  • Even if you are nervous, project an attitude of relaxation and confidence. Sit erect, face the panel members directly and make effective use of gestures and body language. Keep your hands away from face and hair. Don't play with paper and pencil or other objects on the table while speaking.

Discover the Benefits of Working for Wisconsin State Government
  1. Wisconsin State Government offers a comprehensive employee benefits package

  2. May qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

  3. Top reasons to work in public service

Learn about Applying as a Veteran​​

Wisconsin State Government is committed to furthering the transition of veterans back to civilian life through gainful employment. We know that many of the skills learned during service will transfer to a variety of state jobs, and we encourage veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 30% or more to participate in this program.

Explore Programs for Individuals with Disabilities

Disabled Expanded Certification for Persons with Disabilities

Disabled Expanded Certification (DEC) is an affirmative action personnel procedure used to ensure that qualified persons with disabilities are among the applicants to be considered for state civil service positions.

Applicants are eligible for DEC if they have a permanent physical or mental impairment which substantially limits the "major life activity of working." In addition, DEC eligibility must be verified by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, vocational rehabilitation counselor, high school special education teacher, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, or other persons approved by Bureau of Merit Recruitment & Selection (BMRS). After verification, DEC eligibility is effective for a five-year period; verification forms can be obtained by calling (608) 266-1731, TTY: Call Relay 711.

​​ ​​

If you have any questions regarding Wisc.J​​obs or need assistance using the system, please contact the Wisc.Jobs help desk at or (608) 267-1012 from 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.