Tuition Reimbursement

​The State encourages and supports education and training for job related, career-related, and personal development. 

Job-Related Training/Education is necessary to acquire, improve, or update a skill or knowledge which is necessary for the successful performance of an employee’s current position. 

  • Attendance is required by the employer and shall be without loss of pay and costs associated with registration fees, course materials, and travel are covered by the employer. 

Career Development Training means those activities which are necessary for an employee to progress through a classification series related to the employee’s current position or for advancement to another position within a career path. 

  • The employer has sole discretion as to the amount of costs to be reimbursed, which is dependent on successful completion, as well as pay status during attendance if the training occurs during the employee’s normal work hours. 

  • Employees will not be in pay status during career related training outside of normal work hours. 

  • Prior to beginning any coursework, an employee must have an approved plan. Contact your agency’s Human Resources staff or Training Department for questions related to policy and process. 

Personal Development Training includes activities undertaken by the employee for self-improvement to gain knowledge, skills, or experiences not directly related to his or her job requirements or recognized by the agency as career-related. 

  • The employer is prohibited from reimbursing employees for costs associated with these activities. Time off may be granted and will be without pay, taken as authorized accrued leave, or accommodated with an alternative work pattern with supervisor approval.